Hey you!


Oh Hey!

I missed last Friday's blog coz my fam was sick. I guess the transition from summer to fall got us. Now we are all recovering and feeling better.

Remember i mentioned we will be going to pumpkin patch? We did and Alyza found the golden pumpkin! There were hundreds of people in the patch and lots of kids. Only 10 golden pumpkin are in the field and Alyza found one! She won target gc which she spent it right away, she bought my little pony stuff.

 Do you also remember how i blogged that I'm saying bye to size 0 then saying hello to size 2? well that change too, suprise suprise! I'm back to size 0 lol after eating good for several weeks, i cant believe i will just bounce back like that. I'm so thankful for a great costumer service in American Eagle! They let me change my size 2 jeans to 0 without any issues. Thanks again for a great costumer service. Also i did some mini haul in Sephora & got some Iphone 6 leather cases since I was in the mall already..

 Sushi and Filipino food cravings for the past weeks too. So we went to wasabi and enjoyed some sushi. I also won some gc from Mod Market, thank you for the gc!

  Spend time with Tony's dad side of the family and enjoyed dinner with the sanchez'

 Most important part of this blog update is our little macho Ayden Theodore is now 9 months! Few more months and we are gonna celebrate his 1st bday!

Hope you're enjoying these last weeks of October! Almost halloween!!!!

What do you think about Ayden's hair? Comment below ;)



October Madness


Three more months and this year gonna end, cant believe how time flies when you're having fun!

First of all i want to greet my dad Happy happy 50th birthday! I wish you good health! I wish i was in the Philippines to celebrate with you. Love you!!!

This week's recap!

9.27.14 - Usual errands day! Got new prescription glasses.

9.28.14 - Spent time with Tony's dad and celebrated Tony's step mom Ro's bday :) it was a great day even if it Rained. We celebrated at Torre's and enjoyed Mexican food. Ro got me a Philippine flour bag at Tony's market. Pumpkins all over the grocery store!

9.29.14 - I finally got my iPhone 6. I choose the silver/white since my 5 was white. I didn't like how huge iPhone 6 plus is so i settle for the regular 6. So far i like it a lot. You really can tell the faster processor and amazing picture quality. Goodbye Sprint and hello Verizon!

9.30.14 -10.2.14 -  Regular busy work day. Filmed video of the kids for my dad's bday!
10.3. 14 - Friday happy day!

Here's a pic of Ayden being cute! (Alyza always tell me that her brother is cute and fuzzy < haha) (this pic was shot my iPhone 6, other with iPhone 5)

I'm really happy that I'm keeping my promise to myself that I will blog on Fridays! hooray!

Looking forward for pumpkin filled weekend!

I'll keep you posted in instagram :)




Goodbye, Hello!


Oh hey! I know you're visiting my site today! Welcome! Welcome! 

As promised, I'm posting a blog today, FRIDAY!!!

I know you're shock that i signed off with Facebook today but i gotta do what i gotta do. Sometimes, you need to eliminate yourself in too much social media.

I've been sharing my life in blogs and pictures since I was in 4th year high school. Back in year 1999, not every one is in the web and browsing stuff . I enjoyed the site called multiply.com and it was shut down couple of years ago. Then i have blogger as a back up, jump into Chictopia for fashion blogs and stop blogging coz of Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Now back on Blogger again since I just signed out of my Facebook. Feels like I'm going in circles. haha

Anyway, the main reason I'm back here so i can maximize this domain that I'm paying ;)

So here's what happened to my life this week!

-  Been playing with the new video in my phone called time lapse haha

here's the link in my instagram if you want to see it ---> click this!

- We watched the broncos game last Sunday and witness how Ayden passed out in a crowded loud place


- Saying goodbye to size 0 and 1 jeans and welcoming size 2 in my mommy life ;)

So much craziness this week but it's all good. Survived this long week. I'm looking forward to this weekend and spend more time with my loves. What are you're weekend plans? Share in the comment below :)

Remember, life is amazing! Enjoy!




Half September



How is it going? Hope you're enjoying the last days of summer and fall will be here soon. For my fam and friends in the Philippines, please stay safe coz of the typhoon.

I know its been a long time since I updated my site. I did tried my best to squeeze blog post but its been busy with work and the fam. I will try to post updates every Friday so i can at least share my thoughts.

For the past few months, I've been so amazed on how Ayden Theodore grew so fast. Can't believe his 8 months now.


Alyza is in Denver Nuggets Junior Cheer leading too. So you can tell how busy our schedule is.


Anyway, life is great. Been blessed with lots of stuff! Me and hubby love spending time with the kids and enjoy life one day at a time. 

If you want to see more pics - high res shots. visit my flickr site marie sanchez pics ;) 

For Random post. visit my instagram = maryiangge instagram

Until my next blog post. Crossing my fingers and eye lashes that i can update this at least once a week like how i update my multiple site before.

Enjoy your weekend! cheers!



Ayden's first word! "Dada"



Here is a vid link where in Ayden said his first word "DADA"